Sir Winston Churchill

"The only way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas."

 Training program:

Staff Suggestion System (Kaizen Teian)​ 



Employees have lots of ideas, but how do you listen to them?  How do you harvest their ideas formally and informally, and bubble up the good ones?  How do you generate good quality ideas and sustain the flow of employee's suggestions to increase customer satisfaction, improve bottom line and enhance employee motivation and enthusiasm? 

In this workshop, you will learn how to define the characteristics of a successful staff suggestion system and establish an infrastructure to implement and sustain an employee suggestion system that provides a constant flow of quality ideas.

 Recommended Audience  


Lectures, exercises, group activities and discussions and Q&A.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to plan and launch a suggestion system

  • Acquire skills in setting up a management infrastructure to generate ideas, capture quality ideas, evaluate ideas and sustain a constant flow of ideas

  • Learn how to develop employees to identify opportunities for improvement and write good quality ideas

  • Develop supervisors and managers to guide employees in writing suggestions

  • Learn how to recognize and reward participation



  1. Introduction to Kaizen

  2. Introduction & Basic Concepts of Suggestion Systems

  3. Scope of Suggestions

  4. Goals of a Suggestion System

  5. Planning & Launching a Suggestion System

  6. Roles & Responsibilities

  7. The Suggestions Process

  8. Evaluation & Award Systems

  9. Examples of Effective Procedures

  10. Techniques for Developing Creativity

  11. Examples of Ideas for Improvement

  12. Points for Improvement

  13. Ways to Develop “Kaizen Eyes”

  14. How to Sustain a Suggestion System


Award of Certificate

  • Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the workshop



  • 1 day