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Standard Work:

The Standard Pig Game


Standard work, as a Lean management practice, is an agreed-upon set of work procedures that establish the best and most reliable methods and sequences for each process and each worker.


Standard work aims to maximize performance while minimizing waste in each person's operation and workload.

The Standard Pig Game helps to reinforce the concept and practice of Standard Work.

Learning Objective

The objective of the Standard Pig Game is to demonstrate the value of standard work by using drawing as the creative approach to learning.


Participants will have fun through creative expressions and also learn the importance and approach of standard work practices.

Equipment/Tools Required

  1. Pencil or pen

  2. Paper (A4 or letter size)

  3. Masking tape

  4. Wall to tape stuff on

The Standard Pig Game can be played in a classroom or workshop setting. The facilitator may project the instructional slides on the screen and follow the step-by-step instructions and discussion questions to run the game. The game consists of three rounds with an optional fourth round.

By the end of the game, participants would have learned the value or benefits of standard work and the use of standard work concepts, process and documentation to create stable and repeatable processes to maximize performance and minimize waste.

NOTE: If you had previously purchased our Standard Work training presentation, the Standard Pig Game was already included in the training package.

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