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The Silly Cow Exercise



Looking to have a blast and re-energize participants in a classroom or workshop? Want a light-hearted exercise that suits everyone from frontliners to senior executives? Look no further - this exercise is it!  

The Silly Cow Exercise can be used as an ice-breaker or a warm-up activity and is perfect for training programs such as Creative Thinking, Design Thinking, Ideation Techniques, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Innovation, Service Design, Organization Design, etc.


Introduction to the Silly Cow Exercise


In today's modern business, organizations need to innovate their products, services, business models and ecosystems to create competitive advantage.


The Silly Cow Exercise is an excellent and fun activity to unleash people's creative juices to generate innovative ideas. Participants are required to create and sketch an innovative business based on the characteristics of a cow.

The exercise encourages out-of-the-box thinking and uses a creative approach for teams in the visualization of ideas. The Silly Cow Exercise can be conducted in a meeting room, classroom, workshop or any suitable space.


Silly Cow Exercise Objectives

1. As an ice-breaker, to welcome participants and get them to warm up to each other so as to create a cordial and comfortable environment for learning.

2. To prepare participants for an ideation session that is focused on the organization's specific needs (e.g. designing a new service).

Equipment/Tools Required

1. Flip chart papers
2. Marker pens of a few colors for each team
3. Masking tape
4. Wall to tape stuff on

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