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Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Poster



The Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Poster describes the four key phases of managing a reengineering project in an organization. The poster comes in two themes: color and monochrome. Formatted in PDF, the poster can be easily printed on an A3-sized paper.

The BPR Poster complements the
Business Process Reengineering training presentation materials. It is an effective tool that can be printed and distributed to attendees of your BPR workshop session. It serves as a takeaway and summary of your BPR presentation.

The BPR Poster describes the four main phases of business process reengineering activities:

1. Organize for BPR
Involves creating business process map, identify areas for re-engineering, establish process ownership and initiate projects.

1.1  Create business process map
1.2  Prioritize areas for improvement
1.3  Establish process ownership
1.4  Form BPR team
1.5  Initiate project

2. Process Diagnosis
Involves determining requirements, mapping the processes, collecting process performance data, and rating processes based on these data.

2.1  Determine customer requirements
2.2  Determine and document current process
2.3  Rate the process

3. Process Redesign
Uses the data collected in Process Diagnosis to evaluate and develop plans to improve processes.

3.1  Benchmark the process
3.2  Develop solutions to close gaps
3.3  Get buy-in
3.4  Develop improvement plans

4. Process Deployment
Involves implementing the process improvement plan, obtaining customer feedback on the results, revising the plan as appropriate, and rolling out the solution across the organization.

4.1  Implement process improvement plan
4.2  Measure results
4.3  Obtain customer feedback on process performance
4.4  Do it all over again

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