PPT: Value Stream Mapping Project Template
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Value Stream Mapping Project Template



Value stream mapping is a practical and highly effective way to learn to see and resolve disconnects, redundancies, and gaps in how work gets done.  


This VSM project template helps you and your project team to put together a "storyboard" for effective presentation to your key stakeholders.  It includes four key phases:


  1. Define and pick product/service family

  2. Create a current state map

  3. Develop a future state map

  4. Develop an implementation plan

  • Appendix 1 - Value Stream Mapping Icons

  • Appendix 2 - Value Stream Mapping Template

  • Appendix 3 - Common Current State Findings

Simply follow the guidelines in the slides and insert your own content. Illustrations are provided so that you will quickly know at a glance what is required under each phase of the value stream improvement process. There is a list of deliverables at the end of each step which is helpful in guiding you what to include in the report. 

Note: This package includes:

  1. VSM Project Template (PowerPoint format)

  2. VSM Templates comprising VSM charter, Results table, Implementation plan and common VSM icons (Excel format)

  3. VSM Poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

Start using the VSM project template now and make an awesome presentation to your management!


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