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  Training Within Industry (TWI) Frameworks  



The TWI program has proven to be effective in providing shopfloor supervisors and team leaders with the skills they need to engage people in Lean activities.  


This is a collection of TWI diagrams, pocket cards and templates for Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM), Job Relations (JR), Job Safety (JS) and Problem Solving (PS). 


These tools and templates are useful for organizations who are preparing or implementing TWI programs. To get the most out of the tools and templates, they are best used together with the TWI four-step process.  


Note: If you had purchased our TWI Program training package, all the diagrams, pocket cards and templates listed here were already included in the bundle and you need not purchase them again.


This TWI frameworks collection include:


  1. TWI Frameworks (PowerPoint format)

  2. Job Instruction Breakdown Sheet (Word format)

  3. Job Instruction Training Timetable (Word format)

  4. Job Instruction Training Matrix (Excel format)

  5. Job Methods Breakdown Sheet (simple) (Word format)

  6. Job Methods Breakdown Sheet (8.5x11) (Word format)

  7. Job Methods Breakdown Sheet (8.5x14) (Word format)

  8. Job Methods Improvement Proposal Sheet (Word format)

  9. Job Relations Situation Analysis Sheet (Word format)

  10. Job Safety Breakdown Sheet (Word format)

  11. Problem Solving Problem Analysis Sheet (Word format)

  12. Problem Solving Causation Analysis Sheet (Word format)

  13. JI Pocket Card (PowerPoint format)

  14. JM Pocket Card (PowerPoint format)

  15. JR Pocket Card (PowerPoint format)

  16. JS Pocket Card (PowerPoint format)