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Seven Advanced Tools of Quality



The seven basic quality tools are effective for data analysis, process control, and quality improvement (numerical data). However, these basic tools cannot be used for non-numeriacal or verbal data. To organize verbal data into useful information, you would require the advanced quality tools. 

The Seven Advanced Tools of Quality (a.k.a Seven New Tools or Seven Management & Planning Tools) were developed with a design approach to organize verbal data diagramatically. These tools work in conjunction with the basic quality tools and can be used by management and staff to develop ideas, solve problems and formulate plans for improved project management.


Learning Objectives​


  1. To acquire knowledge on the seven advanced quality tools for project planning and management.

  2. To learn how to apply the seven management and planning tools to problem solving, projects, communication and daily management work.



  1. Introduction

  2. Affinity Diagram (KJ Method)

  3. Relations Diagram (Interrelationship Diagram)

  4. Tree Diagram

  5. Matrix Diagram

  6. Matrix Data Analysis Chart

  7. Arrow Diagram

  8. Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC)

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