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PPT: RACI Matrix Training Presentation
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RACI Method


In project management, it is very important for all the stakeholders to understand the responsibilities and accountabilities of each person. While smaller teams can have more informal rules to keep track of responsibilities, in bigger teams with cross-department and inter-organizational collaboration, as well as team members working in a flexible or hybrid work arrangement, it is essential to create a more formal process to track responsibilities.

The RACI Method (a.k.a. RACI Matrix) is a very useful technique which can help to reduce confusion and leads project to faster completion. If a project bogs down or confusion impedes progress, RACI may point to the source of problems and to solutions. The RACI technique is used to identify decisions or activities and the individuals or groups involved by answering the questions:

(1) What has to be done? and

(2) Who must do it?

The benefits of RACI include:

  1. Clearly understood individual expectations

  2. Reduced redundancy in tasks/activities

  3. Reduced levels of approval in processes

  4. Clearly defined written interfaces between individuals

  5. Greater focus on the value-add activities of a business process


Learning Objectives

  1. To define the purpose and benefits of RACI

  2. To explain the process of creating a RACI chart or matrix

  3. To gather practical tips in applying the RACI method




  • Introduction to RACI Method

  • What is RACI Method?

  • When to Use RACI

  • Purpose of RACI

  • Benefits of RACI

  • What Does RACI Mean?

  • Key Points to Note During a RACI Session

  • The RACI Method

  • Examples of RACI 

  • RACI Practical Tips

  • Pitfalls to Avoid

  • A Word of Caution…

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