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Managing Effective Quality Audits



The ISO 9001 standard is increasingly being adopted by many organizations world-wide. Whether you are conducting an internal quality audit in your organization or preparing for an external audit, it is important that the auditing process is thorough, systematic and effective.  This powerpoint presentation will help you to:

  • Conduct a step by step internal quality audit to the ISO 9001:2008 standard;

  • Prepare for an external audit; and

  • Conduct a supplier audit.

You may also adopt or adapt the materials to define your organization's very own internal audit SOP.  

Learning Objectives​

  • Understand the principles of management system auditing

  • Describe how to conduct an effective internal quality audit to ISO 9001:2008

  • Define how to prepare for an external audit

  • Explain how to conduct a supplier audit



1.  Principles of Management System Auditing

–      What is an audit?
–      What are audits used for?
–      Likely effects on QMS of a weak IQA system
–      Important terms and definitions
–      Types of quality audits
–      Basic steps for an audit
–      Executing the internal audit
–      Developing an audit checklist

–      Audit interviews

–      Recording observations
–      Non-conformances
–      CAR response
–      Report to management
–      Summary report
–      Five principles of auditing

2.  Conducting Effective Internal Auditing to ISO 9001:2008

–      Managing the audit program

–      Tips on gaining management support to the audit program
–      Planning the audit
–      Conducting the audit

–      How to handle difficult auditees
–      Reporting the audit findings
–      Post-audit activities

–      Tips on publishing timely audit report

3.  How To Prepare For An External Audit

–      Planning for an external audit
–      Define the organization to be audited
–      Define the audit requirements
–      Select a suitable audit firm
–      Review applicable laws and regulations
–      Prior to the external audit
–      Access to records by the auditor
–      During the audit fieldwork
–      Interacting with auditors - Do's and don'ts for auditees


4.  How To Conduct A Supplier Audit

–      Introduction to supplier quality audit
–      Objectives of supplier quality audit
–      Types of supplier quality audits
–      Steps for conducting a supplier quality audit
–      Supplier audit planning and preparation
–      On-site supplier audit
–      Post-audit activities
–      Additional information for supplier audit



–      Appendix 1: Review of audit requirements
–      Appendix 2: ISO 9001: 2008 clauses
–      Appendix 3: Additional information for supplier audit

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