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Lean Awareness e-Posters


Product Overview

Need to create and sustain awareness on Lean?  Tired of the dull and uninteresting posters in your common areas?  Look no further.  Here are a total of 24 crisp and cheerful Lean e-posters - one set of 12 for manufacturing industries and another set of 12 for service/office environments to brighten up your office and work areas and are bound to catch people's attention.  


These e-posters can be used to create awareness and educate management and staff on Lean. Copy and paste them to your emails and send them out on a monthly basis, upload them to your intranet or print them out on A4 papers. You can also add them to your Lean training presentations. Please note that the pixel density of some texts and graphics may not be sufficient for printing beyond A4-sized materials. 

Number of e-Posters:  24 (12 - manufacturing; 12 - service/office)​



Each e-poster is designed to communicate a certain topic on Lean, e.g. Eight types of waste, 5S principles, visual management, etc.  They include:

  1. Lean Thinking

  2. Eight Types of Waste

  3. 5S Principles

  4. Visual Management

  5. Kaizen

  6. Quality

  7. Standard Work

  8. Heijunka (Load Leveling)

  9. Suggestion System

  10. Customer-focus

  11. Poka Yoke (Mistake-proofing)

  12. Root Cause Analysis

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