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Powerpoint Frameworks/Models:

Key Management Models



This presentation is a collection of PowerPoint diagrams and templates used to convey 30 different key management models and frameworks.

Models/Frameworks include the following:


1. Ansoff's Growth Matrix
2. Business Model Canvas
3. SWOT Analysis
4. Porter's Five Forces
5. PEST Analysis


Organization & Governance
6. Balanced Scorecard
7. The McKinsey 7S Framework
8. The Xerox Benchmarking Model
9. Porter's Value Chain


10. Activity-Based Costing
11. DuPont Analysis


Marketing & Sales
12. Kotler's 4Ps of Marketing
13. MABA Analysis
14. Customer Journey Mapping
15. Power/Interest Grid for Stakeholder Prioritization


16. Root Cause Analysis
17. House of Gemba
18. Lean Management Model (Toyota Production System)
19. Value Stream Mapping
20. Six Sigma


21. Design Thinking Model

22. Disruptive Innovation Model
23. Innovation Circle Model
24. Stage-Gate Model


Change Management
25. Kotter's Eight Phases of Change
26. Belbin's Team Roles


Leadership & Management
27. Hamel & Prahalad's Core Competences Model
28. Ofman's Core Quadrants
29. Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions
30. Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People