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PPT: Employee Involvement Training Presentation
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Employee Involvement: The Heart of Lean Production


Total Employee Involvement is the heart of the Toyota system, just like the wind that brings the sailboat to life. Employee Involvement should be managed as intensely as production and quality. Involvement includes all three segments of employees: Management, Workgroup and Individual. 

Employee Involvement is the direct participation of staff to help an organization fulfil its mission and meet its objectives by applying their own ideas, expertise, and efforts towards solving problems and making decisions. For Employee Involvement to thrive, management must create a conducive work environment that encourages team participation, generation of ideas and play an active role to reinforce employee involvement. 


In this presentation, you will learn how to harness the power of Employee Involvement to achieve the objectives of job satisfaction and development of a Lean culture.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the key concepts and principles of total employee involvement.
2. Acquire knowledge of the various channels of employee involvement.
3. Learn how to apply the process and tools to improve employee involvement.
4. Understand the critical role of management in sustaining total employee involvement.



1. Key Concepts & Principles of Employee Involvement
2. Segments of Employee Involvement
3. Common Channels of Employee Involvement
4. Process & Tools for Employee Involvement 
5. Role of Management

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