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Eight Wastes of Lean by Industry or Function


This presentation is a collection of specific examples of the eight wastes of Lean, organized according to industry or function. They include: Manufacturing, Product Development, Healthcare, Financial Services, IT Services, Government (Public Sector) and Office (Administrative Functions).


These slides are useful for trainers and consultants who are looking to supplement their own presentations using examples that are specific to their client's industry. No more wasting time searching for these materials on the internet!  (Please note that the materials are meant to be used to supplement your own business or classroom presentations. These slides may not be complete for instructional purposes.)



  1. Lean Wastes in Manufacturing

  2. Lean Wastes In Product Development

  3. Lean Wastes in Healthcare

  4. Lean Wastes in Financial Services

  5. Lean Wastes in IT Services

  6. Lean Wastes in Government (Public Services)

  7. Lean Wastes in Office


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