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Effective Presentation through Storyboarding



This document teaches the basics of developing an effective business presentation based on the storyboarding approach. 

Storyboarding refers to developing the “story” that the presentation will follow. This document presents the A3 storyboard format which was developed by Toyota and used by many consulting firms and other organizations. 



1. Introduction to Storyboarding 

  • What is a storyboard? 

  • Seven elements of A3 storyboarding 

  • What is an A3 storyboard? 

  • Three types of A3 storyboard 

  • When to use an A3 storyboard 

  • Why use an A3 storyboard format 

  • A3 storyboard is based on the PDCA approach 

  • Relationship between PDCA and A3 

  • Key points for A3 storyboard 

  • Adapt the storyboard to your target audience 

2. Storyboarding: Step-by- step 

  • Step 1: Theme

  • Step 2: Background

  • Step 3: Current State

  • Step 4: Goal

  • Step 5: Analysis

  • Step 6: Countermeasures

  • Step 7: Implementation/Check Results

  • Step 8: Follow Up

  • Summary



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