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PPT: Effective Client Communication Training Presentation
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Effective Client Communication


Employees are accustomed to working with their internal clients as a normal course of business.  However, working with external clients brings the need for potential new skills. As a service provider, you must be prepared to interact with your clients in a professional manner, forming successful business relationships.  


This simple presentation is focused on the "soft skills" needed to establish, develop and maintain the long term successful business relationships with your external clients. The guidelines or practices presented are used by consultants in the top tier consulting firms.




1. Introduction 

  • Introduction to Effective Client Communication


2. Stakeholder Management

  • What Is It?

  • Why Is It Important?

  • Who Are They?

  • Important Skills

  • Final Observations

  • Setting & Meeting Expectations

  • Define

  • Commit

  • Execute

  • Confirm


3. Guidelines for Working with Clients

  • Be Prepared

  • Behavior

  • Communication

  • Presentations/Emails

  • Summary

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