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Digital Transformation: People, Organization & Change



According to Forbes, 70% of all Digital Transformations fail most often due to organizational resistance to change. This presentation provides an overview of Digital Transformation with a strong focus on the soft aspects: changing employee mindsets and behaviors as well as the organizational culture and developing capabilities.

This document provides practical guidelines on developing a solid cultural foundation and the various frameworks/models for change management. It also serves as complementary materials to a digital transformation strategy and deployment guide.

Finally, this presentation helps to clarify the fuzziness around Digital Transformation and prepares key stakeholders in the organization for the Digital Transformation journey.


Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire knowledge on the principles and key concepts of digital transformation

  2. Understand the soft aspects of Digital Transformation - people, organization and change management

  3. Identify the pitfalls to avoid and define the critical success factors of digital transformation



1. Introduction & Key Concepts of Digital Transformation

  • Some Statistics on Digital Transformation

  • The Era of Smart Customers

  • The Speed of Change is Increasing Rapidly

  • Mindset of a Traditional Digital Transformation Thinker

  • Digital Transformation is Based on Design Thinking Principles

  • Traditional Thinking vs. Design Thinking

  • Three Lenses of Human Centered Design

  • Martec's Law

  • Soft Skills are Essential to Ensure Digital Transformation Management

  • Digital Transformation Defined

  • Digital Disruption vs. Digital Transformation

  • Examples of Disruptive Companies

  • Companies that Succeeded & Failed at Digital Transformation

  • Five Key Digital Technologies Transforming Industry & Commerce

  • Customer Journeys

  • Omni-channel is a Prerequisite to Great Customer Experience

  • Companies Use Digital Transformations to...

  • Important Metrics for Tracking Digital Transformation

  • Benefits of Digital Transformation

  • The Journey of Digital Transformation


2. Organizational Impact of Digital Transformation

  • Challenges in Delivering Full End-to-end Customer Experience

  • A Solid Cultural Foundation is Essential to Ensure Digital Transformation Management

  • Impact on the Employees

  • Three Steps Companies Can Take

  • Areas for Skills Development

  • Impact on the Role of Management

  • Impact on Process Structures

  • Marketing & IT Can Impact Customer Experience through Collaboration & Change


3. Guidelines for Change Management

  • Understand Why People Fear Change

  • Understanding Responses to Change - The Enrollment Curve

  • Prepare & Coach Change Leaders

  • The Change Curve

  • Plan Long Term for Real Change

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Change Management Process

  • The McKinsey 7-S Framework

  • Sources of Team Conflict

  • Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team Model

  • Tuckman's Model of Team Development

  • Principles of Communication for Change Management

  • Szpekman's Communication Framework

  • Ulrich's HR Competency Model

  • Training Needs Analysis Framework

  • Emotional Competence Framework


4. Pitfalls to Avoid & Critical Success Factors

  • Ten Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Critical Success Factors for Digital Transformation

Additional concepts covered include Design Thinking Principles, Martec's Law on Technology & Organizational Change, Customer Journeys, The Enrolment Curve, The Change Curve (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross), The Change Management Process, Business Model Canvas, McKinsey's 7S Framework for Organizational Alignment, Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Tuckman's Model of Team Development, Szpekman's Communication Framework, Ulrich's HR Competency Model, Conscious Competence Learning Model, Training Needs Analysis and the Emotional Competence Framework.

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