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Six Basic Rules of Effective Customer Service



​We hear more complaints about customer service today than ever before. In today's competitive marketplace, effective customer service is essential to the survival of any business. You can lose more business due to poor service than from your product quality or cost problems.

The six basic rules of customer service are essential knowledge and skill for all customer service providers. They include having a positive attitude, knowing your product or service, listening to your customer, maintaining communications, solving the problem and following up.

This short and simple training presentation can be used to train all existing and new customer service providers and advisors within an hour. Moreover, the materials are so generic that it can be easily blended to your organization's customer service training programs to form the foundation module.


NOTE: This training package includes:

1. Six Basic Rules of Effective Customer Service training presentation (PowerPoint format)

2. Six Basic Rules of Effective Customer Service poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the basic concepts of customer service.
2. Understand the six basic rules of effective customer service.



1. Introduction to Customer Service

  • Introduction

  • Some statistics of customer service

  • What is customer service?

  • Why does customer service matter?

2. 6 Basic Rules of Effective Customer Service

  • The six rules of customer service

  • Rule #1: Have a positive attitude

  • Rule #2: Know your product or service

  • Rule #3: Listen to the customer

  • Rule #4: Maintain communications

  • Rule #5: Solve the problem

  • Rule #6: Always follow up

  • Summary

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