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PPT: Customer Experience Management Models
American Express
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Powerpoint Frameworks/Models:

Customer Experience Management Models


This presentation is a collection of PowerPoint diagrams and templates used to convey 30 different Customer Experience Management frameworks and models. (Please note that these are diagrams and charts that are to be used in your own business or classroom presentations. These are not instructional slides.)


Included Frameworks/Models:


  1. Five Phases of Design Thinking

  2. Business Model Canvas

  3. Customer Journey Mapping

  4. Empathy Map

  5. Point of View (POV)

  6. Four Moments of Truth

  7. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  8. 6P’s of Marketing Mix

  9. Keller’s Customer-Based Brand Equity Model

  10. Kano Model

  11. Kaufman’s Six Levels of Customer Service

  12. Ladder of Loyalty

  13. Apostle Model (Satisfaction-Loyalty Matrix)

  14. Importance-Performance Matrix

  15. Profitability-Loyalty Matrix

  16. Opportunity Map

  17. Context Map

  18. Prioritization Map

  19. RATER Model

  20. SERVQUAL Model

  21. Five Steps of Service Recovery

  22. The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE2012)

  23. Xerox Benchmarking Methodology

  24. Root Cause Analysis

  25. ADKAR Model for Individual Change

  26. Kotter’s Eight Phases of Change

  27. McKinsey’s 7-S Framework

  28. COPC CX Standard for VMOs, Rel. 6.1

  29. Baldrige Excellence Model

  30. EFQM Excellence Model

This presentation includes frameworks and models covering Stanford Design School's Five Modes of Design Thinking, Strategyzer's Business Model Canvas, Xplane's Empathy Map, The Kano Model, McKinsey's 7-S Framework, Fred Reichheld's Net Promoter Score, Christopher, Payne and Ballantyne's 6Ps of Marketing, Kevin Lane Keller's Brand Equity Model, Ron Kaufman's Six Levels of Customer Service, Christopher, Payne & Ballantyne's Ladder of Loyalty, Jones & Sasser's Apostle Model, Reinartz & Kumar's Profitability-Loyalty Matrix, Valarie A. Zeithaml, A. Parasuraman, and Leonard L. Berry's SERVQUAL Model, The International Customer Service Institute's 5P's Service Quality Model, Robert C. Camp's Benchmarking Model, Prosci's ADKAR Change Model, and John Kotter's Eight Step Change Model.

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  8. Business Model Canvas

  9. Service Design

  10. Digital Transformation: People, Organization & Change

  11. Digital Transformation: Step-by-step Implementation Guide

  12. Digital Customer Service

  13. Lean Daily Management System

  14. Change Management

  15. Hybrid Working

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