PPT: Customer Delight through Quality Training Presentation
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Customer Delight through Quality



Business exists because of customers. Delivering delightful experience creates loyal customers and keeps them coming back.  Applying these tools internally creates a positive working culture.

In this simple presentation, you will find useful information on the basic concepts of delighting customers through quality.  It includes:

  • The framework for Customer Delight

  • Identifying and maximizing the moments of truth

  • Management of service recovery

  • Tips to create a positive service culture.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the basic concepts of delighting customers through quality

  2. Define what it takes to create Customer Delight

  3. Define how to maximize on Moments of Truth

  4. Describe how to manage Service Recovery

  5. Explain the imperatives of a positive service culture


  • What is Quality?

  • Quality: The Big Picture

  • Who is the Customer?

  • External Customers

  • Internal Customers

  • Product Quality

  • Expectations of Product Quality

  • Service Quality

  • Why do Companies Lose Customers?

  • Reasons for Switching to the Competition

  • Experienced Poor Service?

  • 5 Dimensions of Service Quality

  • Moments of Truth?

  • How to Maximize the Moments of Truth

  • 8 Steps to Service Recovery

  • Service Culture

  • Management Support

  • Motivators & Rewards

  • 10 Tips to Positive Service Culture

  • People

  • Being a Customer-oriented Professional

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