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Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Poster



The Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Poster describes the five key phases of process improvement based on the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. The poster comes in two themes: color and monochrome. Formatted in PDF, the poster can be easily printed on an A3-sized paper.

The LSS DMAIC Poster complements your Lean Six Sigma Green/Black Belt training presentation materials. It is an effective tool that can be printed and distributed to attendees of your workshop session. It serves as a takeaway and summary of your process improvement presentation.

The LSS DMAIC Poster describes the five main phases of process improvement activities and deliverables:

1. Define
Define the problem or opportunity.

Define Phase Deliverables:
1.1  Define business case
1.2  Define problem statement
1.3  Establish baseline project metrics
1.4  Define objective statement and scope
1.5  Form project team
1.6  Identify financial impact
1.7  Complete project charter
1.8  Approved project charter

2. Measure
Measure the current performance and capability.

Measure Phase Deliverables:
2.1  Map the process
2.2  Collect process data
2.3  Verify data integrity
2.4  Document process behavior
2.5  Baseline process capability (Sigma level or DPMO)
2.6  Quick wins
2.7  List of potential X's

3. Analyze
Analyze to identify root causes.

Analyze Phase Deliverables:
3.1  Cause and effect analysis
3.2  FMEA
3.3  Graphical analysis
3.4  Statistical analysis

4. Improve
Improve by implementing potential solutions.

Improve Phase Deliverables:
4.1  Generate solutions
4.2  Evaluate solutions
4.3  Pilot and implement solutions
4.4  Statement of Y = f(X)

5. Control
Control by standardizing solution and monitoring performance.

Control Phase Deliverables:
5.1  Control methods
5.2  Control plan
5.3  Clear indication of improved primary metric
5.4  Project transition action plan
5.5  Project approval
5.6  Financial validation
5.7  Lessons learned

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