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Translate the "True North" from strategy to execution.

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Focus & Align Your Organization on

the Key Priorities

What is Hoshin Kanri?

Hoshin Kanri process (a.k.a. Policy Deployment or Hoshin Planning) is a powerful strategic planning methodology for defining long-range key entity objectives. These are breakthrough objectives that extend two to five years with little change.

Source: Yoji Akao, 1991

In addition, the Hoshin Kanri process does not lose sight of the day-to-day business measures required to run the business successfully.
This dual approach provides an extended period of time for the organization to focus its breakthrough effort, and at the same time, continuously improving key business processes day to day.
This methodology continues to be used or adapted by some of the world's most successful companies such as Toyota, Rover Group, Texas Instruments, Danaher, Bank of America, AT&T, Exxon Chemical, SingTel, etc.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Sun Tzu

Benefits of Hoshin Kanri

With the discipline of Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment in place, you can expect the following benefits:​

  • Focuses the entire company on a few vital goals, rather than the trivial many

  • Creates alignment towards breakthrough objectives through involvement of the whole management team in the planning process

  • Communicates the key goals to all managers and staff

  • Integrates and encourages cross-functional cooperation to achieve breakthroughs

  • Establishes a review process that holds participants accountable for achieving their part of the plan

Strategy Deployment Training Programs

Learn how to apply the powerful Hoshin Kanri approach to planning, deployment and review process for managed change. 

Learn how to use the A3 thinking principles and process to systematically plan and deploy your organization's strategies to the functional and individual levels.

Implementing Hoshin Kanri

Our strategy consultants will work with your senior management team to define a comprehensive strategy that includes:


  • Establishment or review of your organization vision, mission and values

  • Development of 3-5 year strategic plan

  • Development of annual objectives

  • Deployment to departments

  • Implementation of plans

  • Regular review of progress (monthly and quarterly)

  • Annual review

Our consultants can also integrate the Hoshin Kanri framework with A3 thinking and/or the Business Model Canvas if you are interested in these methods. 

To discuss how we can help your organization, please contact us. 

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