Sir Winston Churchill

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

Training program:

Delivering Service Excellence



Customer service is an integral part of every organization.  Because of rising customer expectations, delivering excellent service is no longer a choice but a necessity. Equipping your frontline staff with the skills to create a quality and memorable experience for your customers is an investment that will go a long way to enhance customer satisfaction and your organization’s image. 

In this workshop, you will learn the approach to customer satisfaction, how to manage your own emotions and deliver professional and personalized service, and treat customers as unique individuals with different needs and expectations.  It includes the techniques and skills to find out and respond to each customer's needs and expectations, reduce customer's negative feelings and heighten customer's positive feelings towards your organization.  Finally, you will learn how to satisfy customers in comfortable and difficult conditions as well as apply the five A's of service recovery. 


Recommended Audience 


  • This workshop is recommended for frontline staff and supervisors who interact with your internal and external customers, whether on the phone, email or face-to-face as well as anyone who requires the essential techniques and skills to provide excellent customer service. 


Facilitation Approach  ​

  • This is an experiential workshop, which emphasises engagement, interaction, and practice.

  • Participants should expect short presentations that introduce content, experiential activities (e.g. role plays) for skills practice, and group discussions for reflection that deepens their learning.


Learning Objectives 

  • To instill in customer service staff the importance of providing excellent customer service

  • To equip frontline personnel with effective customer service techniques and skills to provide service excellence

  • To manage and handle customer interactions and relationships 


Learning Outcomes


  • Understand and accept why and how service excellence is important to your organization

  • Be able to manage own emotions and deliver professional and personalized service

  • Treat customers as unique individuals with different needs and expectations

  • Know how to find out and respond to each customer’s needs and expectations

  • Know how to reduce customer’s negative feelings and heighten customer’s positive feelings towards the organization

  • Learn how to say no to customers in a positive manner

  • Be able to apply a recovery process in a difficult situation


  • Introduction to Delivering Service Excellence

  • Managing Myself – the Service Provider

  • Identifying Customer Condition and Establishing Rapport

  • Determining Customer Needs and Expectations

  • Effective Communication Techniques

  • Meeting and Exceeding Customer Needs and Expectations

  • Satisfying Customers in Comfortable and Difficult Conditions

  • 5 Steps of Service Recovery

  • Summary and conclusion

Award of Certificate

  • Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the workshop



  • 2 days