Service Excellence

Deliver quality service - the key to customer satisfaction.

Delighting Customers with Excellent Service

Deliver quality service - the key to customer satisfaction.

​Satisfied and loyal customers are your biggest asset, and providing quality customer service is of critical importance. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to plan and manage the customer service processes and touchpoints diligently – from the back office all the way to the front counter. 

The characteristics of excellent service are more than just having the right attitude and job knowledge. You must be able to manage different customer conditions, personalize and adapt your products and services to suit the customer, and apply a recovery process in difficult situations.

In our Delivering Service Excellence workshop, you will learn the 3-step approach to customer satisfaction, how to manage your own emotions and deliver professional and personalized service, and treat customers as unique individuals with different needs and expectations.  


The workshop includes the techniques and skills to find out and respond to each customer's needs and expectations, reduce customer's negative feelings and heighten customers' positive feelings towards your organization. Finally, you will learn how to satisfy customers in comfortable and difficult conditions as well as apply the five simple steps of service recovery. 

Customer Satisfaction Approach

step 1:


Open interaction

  • Identify customer condition

  • Establish rapport

step 2:


manage interaction

  • Determine customer needs and expectations

  • Meet customer needs and expectations

step 3:


close interaction

  • Thank the customer

  • Follow up

“Do what you do so well they will want to see it again, and bring their friends.”

Walt Disney

Learn how to apply the techniques and skills to provide excellent customer service, and manage and handle customer interactions and relationships.

Some Highlights of our Service

Excellence Workshop Activities

Applying empathy skills to gain deep insights of customer needs and expectations.

Storyboarding the end-to-end customer experience to better understand the key interactions.

Script writing of an actual normal conversation with a customer in a comfortable condition.

Practicing customer service techniques and skills through role-playing.

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