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Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Poster



The Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Poster highlights the key Autonomous Maintenance process, methods and tools.

The AM Poster comes in two themes: color and monochrome. Formatted in PDF, the poster can be easily printed on an A3-sized paper.

The AM Poster complements the Autonomous Maintenance training presentation materials. It is an effective tool that can be printed and distributed to attendees of your TPM or AM awareness or workshop session. It serves as a takeaway and summary of your TPM or AM presentation.

The AM Poster provides a description of the key Autonomous Maintenance process, methods and tools. It includes:


  1. Goals of Autonomous Maintenance

  2. The Autonomous Maintenance Approach

  3. Four Equipment-related Skills for Operators

  4. OEE: An Indicator of Equipment Health

  5. Three Key Tools for Autonomous Maintenance Activities

  6. Seven Steps of Autonomous Maintenance

  7. Autonomous Maintenance Team Improvement Process

  8. The 5Ws and 1H of Improvement

  9. An Effective TPM Program Extends the Useful Life of Equipment

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