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Change Management Poster



The Change Management Poster describes the four key phases of managing a change program in an organization. The poster comes in two themes: color and monochrome. Formatted in PDF, the poster can be easily printed on an A3-sized paper.

The poster complements the
Change Management Methodology training presentation materials. It is an effective tool that can be printed and distributed to attendees of your change management awareness or workshop session. It serves as a takeaway and summary of your change management presentation.

The Change Management Poster describes the four main phases of change and the key management activities:

1.  Analyze Current Situation
Identifies the reason for change and required changes; analyzes impact, identifies gap and gathers feedback on proposed changes.

1.1  Identify reason for change
1.2  Assess readiness for change
1.3  Assess impact of change
1.4  Identify gaps
1.5  Gather feedback

2.  Plan & Launch Program
Defines change strategy and infrastructure; articulates and defines the entire change process to bridge the gap between "present state" and "desired state".

2.1  Define change strategy
2.2  Set up change infrastructure
2.3  Create awareness and get buy-in
2.4  Develop and communicate plans
2.5  Develop skills
2.6  Launch pilot project

3.  Monitor Progress
Monitors the change transition and transformation process; assesses and measures change effectiveness on people, processes and systems; addresses resistance to change.

3.1  Monitor change process
3.2  Overcome resistance to change
3.3  Assess behavioral changes
3.4  Measure effectiveness
3.5  Provide support

4.  Evaluate Effectiveness
Reviews results of change process with appropriate follow-up actions;  supports culture change; shares success stories and learning points; reward and recognize successful change.

4.1. Review results
4.2. Share success stories
4.3. Provide follow up support
4.4. Reward and recognize

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