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The Blue-Green Game



Think Win-Win is the foundation of getting along well with other people. However, in many organizations, getting to a win-win situation in which all parties benefit can be quite a challenge often because there is a lack of trust, teamwork and communication between teams.

The Blue-Green Game helps to reinforce the common organizational shared values of trust, teamwork and win-win thinking.

Note: This training package includes:
1. Blue-Green Game instructional slides
(PowerPoint format)
2. Blue-Green Game cards (Word document)
3. Blue-Green Game instructions for participants (Word document)

Learning Objective

The objective of the Blue-Green Game is to demonstrate the importance of Win-Win thinking.

The game consists of 5 rounds. For each round, a team is required to exchange a card of either blue or green color with the other team. A team will know what color they have received only after the exchange is completed. At the end of the round, a net score (can be positive or negative) is computed from a scoring table based on the color of the card the team has given and received. The team with the highest net positive score wins the game. But can they do it in a competitive environment of mistrust, poor teamwork and win-lose thinking?

By the end of the game, participants would have learned the value of trust, teamwork and communication and work towards a win-win situation.

Equipment/Tools Required:

1. Pencil or pen for each team
2. Cards (made from A4 or letter size paper)
3. Score Sheet displayed on flip chart or wall
4. Marker pen (for updating score sheet)


When to Play the Blue-Green Game?

The Blue-Green Game can be played not only in team-building workshops, but also be used as ice-breaker activity or in any training program where effective teamwork is required in achieving the desired outcomes.

Examples of training programs where the Blue-Green Game can be played include: Negotiation skills, Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Lean & Six Sigma Process Improvement, Change Management, Project Management and many more.