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5S Poster



The 5S Poster depicts the meaning, principles and practices of an organized, standardized and productive workplace. The poster comes in two themes: color and monochrome. Formatted in PDF, the poster can be easily printed on an A3-sized paper.

The poster complements the
5S Techniques and 5S for the Office training presentation materials. It is an effective tool that can be printed and distributed to attendees of your 5S awareness or workshop session. It serves as a takeaway and summary of your 5S presentation.

The 5S Poster describes what is 5S, its benefits as well as the visual management tools. For the main contents, the 5S Poster describes each of the 'S', including the meaning, principles and practices:

1.  Sort
Remove what is not needed and keep what is needed.

Stratification management
Dealing with the causes

Distinguish between the necessary and unnecessary
Get rid of what you do not need
"When in doubt, move it out"

2.  Set in Order
Arrange essential items in order for easy access.

Functional storage
Search elimination

Arrange items in order for easy access
A place for everything
Everything in its place after use

3.  Shine
Keep things clean and tidy; no trash or dirt in the workplace.

Cleaning as inspection
Degrees of cleanliness

Eliminate the sources of dirt and filth
Cleaning as a form of inspection
Clean everything, inside out
Define a shine check sheet

4.  Standardize
Establish standards and guidelines to maintain a clean workplace.

5S standardization
Visual management

Establish standards and guidelines
Make standards and guidelines visual
Make standards so that abnormality becomes visible
Use visibility tools

5.  Sustain
Make 5S a habit and teach others to adhere to established standards.

Habit formation
Disciplined workplace

Education and training
'Before' and 'after' photos
Daily 5S five-minute activities

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